Dedicated Server Hosting – The Optimal Hosting Choice

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Website Hosting

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Even if you’re a novice to creating and designing websites, with all of the free tools, resources, and tutorials that are available online, creating a website definitely isn’t as difficult of a task as it may seem. However, even the most perfectly designed website needs a host so that it can be live. A website without a host is useless as an Internet user won’t be able to reach it. So once you have a website designed and ready to go, now is the time to look for a hosting provider.

Types of Server Hosting
When it comes to hosting, there are various options but the most common include shared server hosting, which is a server with multiple users, and dedicated server hosting, which is a server that is owned and used by one entity.  With dedicated server hosting, an entire web server is leased from a hosting company and all of its resources are owned by you and only you.

The Benefits Outweigh the Disadvantages
Even though dedicated server hosting is much more expensive than shared server hosting, it is the more beneficial option to choose and with the right hosting company, it can be quite affordable. The service and availability that comes along with dedicated server hosting is also well worth its cost. Unless you have a small or one person business, a dedicated server is the best option until your business expands into a larger company.

When a business expands, the amount of bandwidth and resources needed also increases and a shared server may not be able to handle all that you require. For this reason, dedicated server hosting is often ideal from the get-go, especially if the outlook for your business’ growth is good.

The Space is All Yours
To put it simply, dedicated servers cater to your specific needs. All of the bandwidth and disk space associated with the server is all yours, so there is never a need to worry about using too much space or creating allotments. This means that you can put all of your data and host an intricate website all on the same server.

Dedicated Servers Bring Security
Compared to a shared server, a dedicated server is much more secure in the idea that you are given full control over the control panel and security settings. Since no other users will be using your server, your data and resources are well protected.

For quality dedicated server hosting, you’ll need a hosting company you can depend on for trusted services.

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