What are the true advantages of Linux dedicated server hosting?

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Website Hosting

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Dedicated servers are ideal choices for businesses who lay the utmost priority with the security of the business-critical data and applications. Among the many platforms capable of handling these servers, Linux dedicated server hosting is preferred by most emerging businesses. When it comes to finding the ideal balance between reliable performance and optimised costs, Linux can be quite hard to beat.

So, what are the real advantages that your company can experience by utilising Linux dedicated hosting? Read on to get a better idea –

* Affordable dedicated hosting – If you are a growing firm with limited funds but need quality dedicated hosting, finding a suitable Linux plan can be advantageous. Linux is a free and open source platform, making the server setup costs low. This is quite financially convenient for organisations in the long run. Even upgrades are free on Linux.

* Servers with powerful security – if your biggest concern is ensuring adequate data and application security, Linux dedicated server hosting is an intelligent choice. Servers enjoy encrypted protection and freedom from threats including viruses, spyware, Trojans and malware. Support for any bugs on a Linux system is also readily available. Running your processes on secure Linux servers is a sound decision.

* Benchmark reliability of servers – Linux dedicated servers are also quite reliable and flexible in nature. The Linux ecosystem is known for the level of control and functionality it offers to businesses. Adding additional servers, performing scripting and gaining complete control are all quite easy. If your business sees a surge in web traffic and processes, a Linux dedicated system is ready to grow with you.

* Powerful customisation features – The open source nature of Linux also aids server owners in making a great variety of customisations. You can easily choose to upgrade your server anytime, reallocate resources, and update applications whenever the need arises. No other system offers the level of customisation that Linux does. This is one of the main reasons why many business owners today prefer to invest in dedicated Linux servers.

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