The Choice Of A Managed Dedicated Server In Australia

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Website Hosting

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A lot of small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs in Australia and around the world think that the only option to consider is a shared server. However, once they discover the different options in dedicated server hosting service they quickly begin to see the possibilities that this hosting option provides.

Companies both inside and outside of Australia can take advantage of a dedicated server in the country. The key is in remembering that the hosting service will manage and maintain the physical server, you don’t have to worry about that just as you don’t have to worry about it with a shared server host.

Most people don’t think they can handle the dedicated option because of their lack of IT experience and expertise. They also may incorrectly assume they will need to hire someone to perform these tasks if they don’t have the confidence to do it on their own. This is a simple mistake, with service providers offering everything from basic management to full management to suit your comfort level.

Assistance with Configuring

The top hosting services will listen to your needs and configure the dedicated server for optimal performance based on that information. With the fully managed option, they will then continue to manage, maintain and monitor the server, allowing you to focus in on your business.

This configuration process is not lengthy and time-consuming. The server will be ready with the basic and advanced security and systems you require on the timeline you have indicated.

Additional Resources

With the fully managed dedicated server options, there is often a range of additional features offered by the hosting company. These features will vary from service provider to service provider, so it is important to shop around and compare.

Typically, backups and preventative monitoring will be standard features provided, but it is always essential to confirm any additional services you may require.

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