Why More Companies Are Switching To Digital Phone Systems IN Terre Haute IN

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Computers

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Despite the popularity of internet-based forms of communication, companies still get the majority of work done via the telephone. While it is a necessity for companies, many become frustrated with the high cost that is associated with maintaining a phone system for their employees. Fortunately, companies now have options, and many are choosing to switch to Digital Phone Systems in Terre Haute IN to keep their employees and customers connected and most digital phone systems come with the following benefits.

Unlimited Calling

Long distance calls can be a significant expense for a company, especially if they provide products or services over a large geographic area. A digital phone service that offers unlimited calling will allow a business to make phone calls without worrying about the charges associated with them. Just pay one flat monthly fee for unlimited long distance calling to the US and Puerto Rico and say goodbye to expensive and unpredictable phone bills.

PBX System

A PBX system is what helps to channel calls to the correct department, and when paired with an auto attendant, it can eliminate the need of a receptionist. When callers reach the company, they will be presented with an audio prompt that will allow them to chose who they want to talk to. Also, it enables employees of different departments to talk to each other without leaving their desk, which can help boost productivity and employee efficiency.

Private Voicemail

It is not always possible to answer a call, but providing a voicemail box to all employees will allow clients to leave private messages. Some systems automatically send an e-mail or text alert once a voicemail has been received, which helps staff to remain connected even if their job pulls them out of the office. Don’t rely on a general mailbox, when customers want to know that they are leaving a message for an employee that can help solve any issues they may be having.

While the cost of phone service can seem overwhelming, making the switch to digital phone systems in Terre Haute IN can make it more affordable. The team at LCS Networking provides customized solutions for companies of all sizes. Click here to learn more and let one of their telephony experts create a reliable phone system that will meet a company’s needs now and in the future.

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