3 Ways to Know You Need Professional Laptop Help

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Computers

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Laptops can be trickier than regular computers to fix, because they’re hard to physically open. Laptops these days also frequently convert into tablets or other devices, making it much harder to rely on the old tried and true troubleshooting tactics to fix. Here are three ways you know that you need a professional fix for your laptop.

1. It’s a Hardware Issue

Long story short, if you need laptop repair in Virginia Beach for internal hardware, it’s going to be much more likely that you take the device off to the professionals. Laptops are much more difficult to take apart and fix if you need to get inside. If it’s just a matter of a software issue or glitch, then try to uninstall some programs or other simple approaches. However, a common problem such as a misfiring fan, for example, means that you need someone to open up your laptop, and that shouldn’t be you if you haven’t done it before.

2. Try the Obvious Fixes

Before handing over your laptop for repair, try to the obvious fixes, such as installing updates. Lifewire gives a few simple troubleshooting options to see if you can get your computer to fix itself, such as clearing your browser cache or running a malware scan. If this doesn’t seem to do the trick, then it might be time to move to the next stage of laptop repair in Virginia Beach.

3. It Won’t Turn On

There’s not much you can do if your laptop simply won’t turn on. Try letting the computer sit for a day or so unplugged, and then attempt to turn it on again. Laptops can be extremely touchy with elements like heat or being plugged in for too long. If this doesn’t work, though, you’ll need a professional to work on your computer and to understand what’s going on.

Paying a professional to fix your laptop can be totally worth it if you truly need an expert. Make sure you get a quote and review all charges before proceeding, but it can save you a massive headache in the long run.

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