Tips for Choosing the Best Mobile Conference App

by | May 14, 2014 | Computers

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With the rising popularity of smart phones, it is now standard for professional conferences and large events to make use of a mobile conference app. These apps are great in that they can help conference organizers, attendees, and speakers get where they need to be and make the most out of the big event and all its different aspects. If you’re a conference organizer looking for the best mobile conference app, it can be overwhelming. This post was written to help conference organizers identify some of the key features to look for in a mobile conference app; hopefully, it will help you discern between the wheat and the chaff.

  1. Branding. No serious client is going to be comfortable with an app that isn’t fully customized to his or her event and needs. From custom colors, ensuring host and sponsor logos are where they should be, and ensuring the app is a visually pleasing experience that is coherent with the overall brand and client needs, customization is key! Check out for an example of a fully customizable mobile conference app.
  2. Users rule. If you want delegates and attendees to go the extra step and download your mobile conference app to their smart phone or device, you need to be sure it is offering value. Put yourself in the shoes of an attendee, and ask yourself what you’d need to know as someone attending the conference. If a mobile conference app can’t offer that, it’s not worth the price tag.
  3. Does it help the planning? Apps for the end-user are great, but what about helping you do your job? The best mobile conference app choices will include a robust CMS system to ensure everything stays on track.
  4. Measurement. Polling and surveys have always been tricky for conference planners, but a mobile conference app will make the process less painful. Look for an app that allows you to easily solicit feedback from attendees.
  5. Limitless. If you’re a professional conference planner, chances are this isn’t your first rodeo. You know what you want and deserve an app that can meet your needs. When shopping around for a mobile conference app, choose one that lets you work with the app developer to add extra features if need be. And try to find one that will make things simple with pricing. For example, offers all-inclusive pricing, which will help you stay on budget.

Do you have any more tips for choosing a mobile conference app?

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