Business Communication Tools, Hosted Pbx Phone System

by | May 27, 2014 | Computers

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Doing business in today’s economy means finding the best solution for the best price. When it comes to communication that means a Hosted Pbx Phone System. A hosted PBx phone system is a phone system that uses VOIP tools to provide a business class solution for phone and messaging needs. VOIP has long been the standard in business communication, due to the low cost of operation, and high reliability. A hosted PBx solution means that not only is the service itself cheaper than a traditional phone system, there’s no need to invest in the PBx system hardware. Businesses no longer need to spend money on phones, servers, or the staff to operate and maintain them. The savings alone are a good enough reason to use a hosted PBx system, but the ease of use only makes this kind of service more valuable.

Many businesses still operate using a traditional phone system, or they use a VOIP system that requires large amounts of hardware and an IT staff to keep that hardware running. Veritivity offers a solution for companies that are still wasting money on a traditional phone system, or employing a staff for the singular purpose of keeping the phones ringing. With a brief Hosted Pbx Phone System Consultation at Veritivity any business owner will begin to see the numerous reasons to switch to a hosted PBx solution. Operating at the lowest possible cost is just the responsible thing to do when it comes to doing business, wasting money on unnecessary staff and hardware could be costing thousands of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere.

The cost of operating a business with traditional phone systems is bad enough, the real problem is the lack of features and the poor call quality. VOIP phone systems have been shown to provide a higher quality of sound quality, and even the most basic VOIP system includes a wide variety of features that make communication much easier. Many traditional phone service providers will charge for messaging features, and even more for call waiting and call back features. Hosted PBx solutions include these as a standard feature while maintaining a lower cost and better quality.

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