Store Locators for Travelling Customers

by | Apr 27, 2012 | Web Development

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Why is it that mobile websites are so popular with today’s consumers? The biggest reason is that they give people a way of accessing all the information they could ever need while on the go. No longer is it necessary for anyone with a smartphone to schlep all the way back home just to access the site of a business they’re interested in; now, multitasking is an absolute possibility. A person could be on their way to the post office or to pick their kids up from school, and all the while they could be navigating your business’ mobile website, as well. Chain restaurants, grocery stores, and other establishments with multiple locations may stand to benefit the most from the kind of software used to build mobile websites, because using these efficient little programs is a surefire way to make things convenient for the customers.

Let’s say you own a chain of stores and your advertisements aren’t doing much to help you get customers. To make matters worse, since people aren’t paying attention to your ads, they don’t even know where any of your stores are located. Business starts to dwindle because no one’s willing to research your business in order to learn more about it. What can you do? If you build a decent mobile website, there are a lot of possibilities, not the least of which is to implement a store locator.

The vast majority of franchises these days have some kind of store locator on their website, but many don’t have sites designed to be viewed on a mobile phone. If they have a mobile website as well, it might not possess all the same features that the store’s computer-based website has. In situations like this, you need to take advantage of whatever software you used to build the mobile website in the first place, and add a store locator so as to make things more convenient for your customers.

One might say that store locators work best with mobile websites because people often need to find addresses on the fly while they’re away from home. Obviously, they wouldn’t have time to go all the way back to their desktop and search for your store’s locations there. They need to have something on-hand so that their issue can be resolved within minutes for maximum efficiency. If you build your mobile website with a store locator, then it doesn’t matter how far from home your potential customer might be; they’ll always be able to access your page and find out where you are, which paves the way for business to start flourishing again.

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