Houston Marketing Firm: Top 6 Myths of Online Advertising Debunked

by | Nov 18, 2011 | Marketing and Advertising

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Did you know that the Internet has penetrated the market at a rate of about 78.3%? As of June 2011, there were 272,066,000 Internet users in the US. What if you could promote your service or product offerings to all of these internet users? Can you imagine the amount of profit you would reap by doing just that? Nowadays, internet marketing plays a pivotal role in promoting a business. If you wish to reach your target market before your competition, you must get in touch with a popular Houston marketing firm soon. This article will debunk some popular myths about internet marketing so that you can confidently approach a Houston marketing firm.

Debunking Myths About Houston Marketing

The following are some popular myths about Houston marketing:

Myth 1: Internet marketing should only be geared toward left-brained people.

Fact: Houston marketing should concentrate on left-brained (logical and sequential) people as well as right-brained (emotional and aesthetic) people. Your customers may belong to both categories, and concentrating on just one type will reduce the market share that you may acquire through your website.

Myth 2:Bonds formed through internet marketing are only business-related.

Fact: Nowadays, it is essential to maintain ‘deeper-than-business’ relationships with customers in order to convert them into long-term clients. It is recommended that you use your website to make people comfortable and guide them as friends, rather than sales targets. Statistics prove that the customer’s experience is very important in online marketing. According to a customer survey, a bad experience is communicated to 22 other people, whereas a good experience is only shared with eight people. It has also been reported that customers base 70% of their experience on the “feel-good” factor of a company.

Myth 3: Marketing content on a website should be short.

Fact: ‘Concise’ is the right word here. Customers base their decisions on adequate content and thorough information. Relevant, if not detailed, information is required on a website in order to induce traffic to convert.

Myth 5: Once your brand is created, web marketing is not required.

Fact: Consistent internet marketing can help a company gain its target market’s trust and respect. In order to enjoy the advantages of marketing, web marketing strategies have to be revamped time and again.

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