Let the Experts Handle Your Overstock Inventory

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Computers

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When your business has overstock it’s hard to imagine how you’re going to be able to turn your overstock inventory into a profit. That’s why you need a trusted partner that can offer you innovative supply chain solutions that are reputable, trustworthy and economical. There are many different types of services they can offer you including a straight purchase offer, exclusive marketing, consignment & inclusion solutions, reallocation, and consulting agreements. This gives you the opportunity to choose which solutions are right for your business so you don’t lose any money.

Understand the Elements of a Straight Purchase Offer

When a successful supply chain solution company gives you the opportunity to complete a straight purchase offer it means that they are prepared to purchase your excess material and take it out of your hands. They will first perform a material audit and then provide you with a LOT bid for the entire inventory. Once the bid has been accepted, they will then coordinate the physical acquisition for all of the materials in the bid. This type of service can assist you in effectively handling your overstock.

Retain Your Overstock and Market It

If you prefer to retain your overstock inventory then you can utilize solutions including exclusive marketing. You keep the ownership of your excess materials while the professionals become your exclusive marketing partner. This is perfect for excess material that’s both international and domestic.

Is a Consulting Agreement Right for Your Business?

Some businesses prefer to enter into a consulting agreement that works a lot like a consignment program with a few differences. You will be issued a purchase order, the purchaser will retain the ownership of the products, and you will be payed a consulting fee that’s based on the revenue earned from any sales.

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