How To Use The Gravity Forms Quiz

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

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WordPress is an excellent option for those who want to create a website or blog that is exciting and interesting. It allows you to do so much, such as providing quizzes and polls that can increase user engagement on your website. You can use it to educate others or use it to get more shares on social media. Likewise, you can also use it as a way for customers to give feedback about the website, ease of use, and products they like or want to see.

Creating Them

Gravity Forms is one of the best plugins on the market. It has many exciting features, and one of them is the quiz add-on that lets you create a variety of exams and get options for grading. The first thing you’ll have to do is install the Gravity Forms plugin and download the quiz add-on feature. Once you have it all installed and activated, you go to the Add-On screen and find the quizzes, then install it. Once it’s installed, you can create quizzes.

You can add form fields to your form and can edit the questions, add a variety of answer choices, and choose the type of quizzes, including checkbox, drop-down, and radio button. You will complete the process over and over until you have all the questions you need and can click the update form area to save it.

Grading Them

It’s not enough to have the quizzes available. You must be able to grade them and provide the information to the consumer. Gravity Forms makes it easy to grade the quiz. You can set it up to automatically grade and can choose no grades at all, pass-fail grades and letter grades. The information can be presented to the consumer to see what questions they got right. If you’re using it as feedback, you can choose the no-grade feature. For more details, contact GFChart today!

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