Dsl Cable Vs Wifi

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Web Design

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Installing a DSL cable broadband internet package at home can be comfortable in case you are living on your own and you need to get internet access only through your computer. But what if you were many in the house, with each individual owning an internet capable device or more that needs an internet connection? In this case, this technology ought to be replaced with a wireless broadband package. This service is available for residential and commercial users.

1. What is the difference? Using the wired or cable broadband internet enables only one device, particularly one computer, to get access to the internet. Meaning no one else in the home of business can access the internet. Wireless connection enables simultaneous connection of many devices present in the covered zone. The speeds and limits are usually similar, but it is much better than having cables coming through your walls all over your home. Also, only computers are compatible with the cable, whereas nowadays, internet needs to be available for mobile phones, and also tablets.

2. What are the packages? There are many different kinds of residential wireless broadband packages for customers with various speeds, whose cost increases with the number of Mps wanted. They are usually unlimited, paid monthly, and sometimes with an upper limit of consumption for customers who very occasionally connect to the internet.

3. What about the range of coverage? Wireless broadband packages also differ in their intensity and range of coverage. Some packages have a very limited coverage, for example to a single room. Some of them provide coverage only within the premises of the house. Some others go beyond these premises outdoors. This, in addition, depends on the quality and efficiency of the router, since routers are also characterized by having different strengths of spreading signals.

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