Basics of Restaurant Site: What You Need to Know

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Web Design

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Improve your reach: that’s the advantage the internet offers. You can start connecting to your consumers where it matters to them—online. That’s also probably why a lot of restaurant owners are starting to see the wisdom and practicality of having their own websites. This might seem daunting at first, but with enough time, research, and practice, you’ll soon find it easy to take charge of your site. First, though, you’ve got to learn the basics. Here are a few suggestions from Elegant Themes on what you should know.

Site Elements

Make sure you’ve got the following onsite and that you dedicate a page for each one:

–   Photos of your food. The food should look vibrant, tasty, and oh-so-good to eat to make them irresistible to your customers.
–   Mention if you’ve got vegetarian fare or sugar-free meals for diabetics, along with other specialized diets.
–   Price. This is one of the first things your customers will look for. So make those numbers visible.
–   Recommendations. You can upload pictures of your recommended soup for the day or if a dish seems to go particularly well with another one. Mix and pair up meals into combo packages to give your customers a chance to explore more of your fare.
–   Specials. Mark these on your menu so they know what the specials are. Don’t bury the information under too many images.
–   New dishes. Help your customers find new offerings by grouping together all your new dishes in one spot. That way, it’ll be easy enough for them to check out. You could also pair old favorites with new offerings to entice more of your customers to try the dish out.
–   Ordering System. Make this simple and easy to use. An ordering system that’s too complex will prove unwieldy, discouraging customers and driving them straight to your competitors.

Ask for Help

Get a professional to help you out. Sure, you can build your own site using WordPress. But what about the back end design, the front end, the content? If you aren’t sure about what you’re doing, you could take too long or end up with a substandard site. Don’t those risks. Your site is a tool you can use to connect to your market. So instead of going at it on your own, find experts who have the skill, training and experience to professionally create a restaurant website for you. That way, you’ll know your site is in good hands.

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