Why More Companies Are Doing Away With Locks And Utilizing An Access Control Security System In Terre Haute, IN

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Computer & Internet

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One of the prominent challenges for a company that maintains several facilities is ensuring only authorized individuals are granted access to the various departments within an organization. While standard keys were the only option available many years ago, technology has led to the invention of electronic systems that allow a company to monitor activity and readily grant or deny access as needed. The following is a look at the benefits of installing an access control security system in Terre Haute IN and why it has become a go-to for companies big and small.

External Airphones

It is essential to limit the number of people going in and out of a building, but it is a struggle to grant access to outside visitors when a facility remains locked at all times. Rather than forcing an employee to allow access manually, consider installing a door station airphone. When visitors arrive, they pick up the phone’s receiver and are immediately connected to an operator who has the ability to buzz them in with the press of a button.

Video Surveillance

Another benefit of an Access Control Security System in Terre Haute IN is that most systems are compatible with a variety of cameras, which allows operators and security personnel to keep a watchful eye on the various entrances within a building. When a person approaches a door, the camera will automatically activate, which will allow any video footage to be reviewed if a person’s identity needs to be confirmed.

Affordable Access Control Fobs or Cards

One of the biggest struggles when securing a business is keeping track of the various keys that are distributed to staff members. An electronic access system does away with the need for keys, as employees are, instead, given either a card or fob that provides them with the access they need. If an employee loses their fob or their employment is terminated in the future, merely deactivate the device to prevent it from being used in the future.

Security is a primary concern for companies of all sizes. The team at Innovative Communication Solutions Inc. offers a variety of systems that streamline the access process. Check out Domain to learn more and see how affordable upgrading the access protocol a company uses should be.

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