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by | Jun 8, 2010 | Web Design

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The trend of having a website created to showcase different product and services offered by a company, is on the rise. Today, almost every company has its own website. The appearance of a website is one of the crucial aspects for its success. The products and services that your company offers will be judged depending on the appearance of your website.

Website Design Guidelines

Website Design Guidelines

Poorly designed website is the major cause of failure of small businesses. There are thousands of home-based businesses that struggle to make their living online. Majority of businesses end up making no or little money and ultimately end up closing their website in defeat. A website is generally an online individuality of a company. It also has a unique web address.

As an online entrepreneur, your main objective towards your business should be creating a well designed, easy to navigate and eye-catching website. You should also ensure that your website has good content, highly usable and completely relevant information. Moreover, your website should also have enough functionality to retain visitors and make them come back again.

Some of the important website design guidelines:

When creating a website, the website design is one of the most important things you need to consider. There are two types of website design – dynamic website design developed with sophisticated technologies and static website designs which is based on simple HTML platform.

Creating a well designed template:

Make a template that can help you in creating each page the way you want it to be displayed. You should use minimum frames while placing your complete page content within the HTML tables.


Web designing is a combination of design and creativity of presentation. You must ensure that the presentation of your web page is eye-catching to attract the spectators.

High quality content with appropriate information:

Using bright and the best content will provide an eye-catching look to your website. As far as possible, try avoiding the description that goes beyond your homepage. High-quality content greatly helps to enhance the value of your web designing.

Easy to navigate:

When it comes to web designing, navigation plays a crucial role. You must ensure that your website has suitable and effortless navigation. Research shows that visitors desire to access a website with not more than 3 clicks.

So, when designing a website for your company, make sure you follow the above guidelines.

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