Web Design and E-Commerce Seminars – Are They Worth the Money?

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Web Design

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The world of web design and e-commerce is a competitive one, with professional development ranking top of most designers and developers ‘to-do’ lists.  With busy working days and hectic social lives, can designers afford to take time out and attend seminars and workshops, and are they worth the money?


In Chicago, web design company-run seminars and workshops are a way of firms marketing their services, sharing their expertise and networking with other designers and creatives.  The types of seminar on offer vary, from seminars discussing the latest apps and mobile design, to interactive design and technology conventions and workshops teaching design and development skills to entry-level staff.  In general, attending a seminar or workshop run by a design company is usually more affordable than buying tickets for a full-scale convention or seminar, and of course they usually only run for a few hours, meaning less time away from your desk.

Value for Money

But if you’re an employer, is it worth sending staff to these seminars and workshops? Wouldn’t their time be spent more productively at their desks working on the next client project?  If a seminar or workshop comes up which is directly relevant to your business – for example an SEO workshop which will help your business to gain better Google rankings using SEO keywords – then it makes sense to select one or two employees to attend, who can then feedback to the rest of the group, perhaps at a presentation.  The information and skills brought back from these sessions can be beneficial to your company, not to mention the networking opportunities available – handing out business cards is a great place to start.

International Seminars and Workshops

Larger events such as UX design conferences and technology seminars are held frequently at venues worldwide, and attending these is well worth the trip – meeting creative from other parts of the world and brainstorming ideas is always beneficial for your business, and whether you go yourself or send a couple of members of the team to report back on their experiences, it is a great way to gain ideas and contacts for your Chicago web design company.

In conclusion, provided you pick seminars and workshops relevant to your niche, or ones which can teach you a valuable skill that will help you to grow your business, then they can be a great way to network and interact with other creative, increase creativity and brainstorm ideas and learn new skills which can be applied once back at work.  Sometimes, just a day away from your desk in a new environment can help to tackle business and design issues which have been concerning you, so by taking a break and heading for a seminar near you, you could return to work refreshed and energized!

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