Understanding the Value of Social Media Marketing

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Web Design

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Social media marketing has become an indispensable marketing tool. Yet years after social media emerged as a powerful marketing channel, many business owners are still unsure how to use it to improve their bottom line. Harnessing the power of social media marketing isn’t hard, but it starts with understanding its true value.

Social Media Crosses All Demographics

It’s hard to believe that social media was considered largely a teenage fad. Nowadays, everyone from baby boomers to stay-at-home dads frequent social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Savvy businesses recognize the unique opportunity: Social media lets you identify your target consumer and reach out to them on the internet spaces they frequent the most.

Social Media is (Almost ) Push-Button Marketing

Social media marketing does involve a lot of effort. There’s persona development, researching ideal social media networks – and that’s all before a single tweet is written! But once you find a good social media marketing company in St Augustine Fl to create a campaign, it has the unique benefit of being somewhat self-sustaining. As your social media network grows, so too does the number of social media business mentions. This has the effect of organically growing your marketing reach with little effort on your part. Perhaps no other marketing channel has quite this type of benefit.

Social Media Marketing is Affordable

Make no mistakes about it, a good social media marketing campaign will require significant investment. But expense is relative. Effective traditional media marketing – on the radio or on billboards for instance – may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make an impact. On the other hand, working with a good social media marketing company in St Augustine Fl can put your brand message in front of millions of eyes for a fraction of the cost.

The internet has leveled the marketing playing field for businesses big and small. Get in on the trend! Reach out to a social media marketing company in St Augustine Fl and get started adding social media to your marketing mix.

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