Three Facts About CASS Certification Software

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Marketing and Advertising

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CASS Certification software enables the opportunity for mailers to test the address matching software. After the software reaches a certain amount of compliance, it can be certified by the United States Postal Services. The software does not necessarily check the accuracy of the zip codes that include the plus four numbering at the end, the five digit zip codes or the route codes in the existing files of the mailer. The software does increase the quality of address match data that is in the existing files, thus it will help ensure that the pieces of mail are delivered to the appropriate address. Here are four other facts that are important to know for those who use it.

CASS is the abbreviation for Coding Accuracy Support System. This particular software system is designed to help the postal service and other mailers to check the accuracy of the software that makes corrections and updates to mailing addresses in the system. Simply put, when the CASS Certification software is used, it will help enable accuracy and correctness among the recipient addresses that packages and other mailed items are sent to.

Another important fact about the CASS Certifccation Software is the fact that once it helps clean up and standardize addresses, it helps vendors and other mailers receive discounts on postage. This is possible only when you have met all of the requirements of the United States Postal Service. Once that is done, it is possible to be able to get discounts on postage for bulk mailings and other items that will be sent via postal mail.

This software also helps save money because it will help eliminate the possibility of mailing items to non-deliverable addresses. Once the address is verified, it helps ensure that mail sent to that address will be delivered. Otherwise, vendors or other mailers could waste a lot of money on postage that is nonrefundable even though an item is not delivered as it should be.

There are many useful resources on the internet about the CASS Certification Software Systems. The best way to learn more about it is to do some basic research online.

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