The Basics Of Local SEO Services

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Internet Marketing

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Most business owners in Dayton are aware of the importance of SEO or search engine optimization to move their business up the Google search results page. SEO also works for other search engines, but Google is the one that most consumers use, so rankings on Google are particularly important.

Another important form of SEO is called local SEO. It uses the same basic process, but it boosts your visibility in your geographic area. For example, a business in Dayton that serves the city and surrounding area from a physical location or as a service area would benefit from showing up in searches by people in the city.

Businesses that capitalize on local SEO services in Dayton can quickly move to the top of the search results page. The goal of local SEO is also to rank at the top of the page for mobile searches when people are using their phone location to “find the nearest XYZ” or “find XYZ near me” or use the specific city name in the search.

The Proximity Factor

Top companies offering local SEO services understand the Google algorithm and how to get your site noticed when using common keywords for your products or services.

The proximity factor is designed by Google and looks for the nearest geographic location based on where the searcher is located. Using geographic markers in your content and on your website, as well as having a landing page for each area you serve, will be essential.

Hiring a company for local SEO services is a simple way to optimize the best SEO practices. These include the use of titles, meta descriptions, and quality content for your local website pages.

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