Private & Public Organizations in Oregon Take Advantage of Managed Services

by | May 17, 2022 | Computer & Internet

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The field of managed IT support in Oregon is growing as a result of a large number of businesses as well as public organizations that have taken advantage of these services. Running an IT department alone is extremely difficult, especially if someone has to operate a cross-platform shop. Back in the day, it was common to see all Mac shops in the layout and press worlds. All PC shops were common among small businesses as well as banks.

Mainframes and minicomputers were more or less left to larger research organizations and financial institutions. Today, however, an average business in Oregon is probably doing more with mobile devices than any piece of installed infrastructure. Bring your own tech arrangements have encouraged employees to drag in their own handsets as well as laptops and notebooks. Maintaining the wireless routers needed to keep all of these devices talking to each other is an extremely difficult task.

This is before you factor in the issue of hardware compatibility. Fiber Channel, SCSI, and numerous other interfaces are quite rare in a home environment, so it’s likely that commercial-grade IT personalities trained in recent years have never come across them. By hiring a team that offers managed IT support in Oregon, businesses and other growing organizations can trust they’ll have all of these issues worked out for them. That means they’ll have more time to actually run their businesses as opposed to mucking around with network adapters. Head over to Xiologix for more information about managed IT support in Oregon.

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