Plug In Some Safety

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Computer & Internet

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Safety features nowadays are turning into gadgets of miniature sizes. Some of which are equipped with the latest wireless technology for fast PC access. Since it is beyond the password game, The GateKeeper 2.0 sees to it that no unauthorized person can go through your system.

Remote Security

The GateKeeper 2.0 technology offers an array of features built in a simple USB-keyfob device. It inhibits malicious intentions or even entering into your system when you’re away from your workplace or desk. The device functions in a two-way process. Protection can start upon installing USB setup software in your computer as a USB security device then down to controlling the computer’s state by remote command. The key fob works as a control.

Lock As You Go

You can just simply walk away without bothering to recheck if your computer terminal is at open bay. The Gatekeeper 2.0 makes sure that it securely locks your computer without any trouble of altering or deleting your current password. Your system’s contents are safe without any hassle. The device performs its magic with Bluetooth 4.0 technology at 30 feet the most with optimum USB Security.

A Handy Tool

The device is compatible with Windows 7,8,8.1,10 and Mac OS X (BETA). Setup is pretty simple from the USB security features to installing it to your computer to bringing the device as a dangling key fob anywhere, anytime. Lost key fobs can be detected through a GateKeeper app that can be installed in Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0 devices.

GateKeeper 2.0 reassesses the main problem of most offices and companies that are mostly victims of unauthorized tapping or confidential information hoarding. This is a go-to device for desk workers and office admins that look for primary safety.

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