Keywords And Quality Content Can Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

by | Jul 2, 2013 | SEO

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Since the mid-1990s, webmasters have been using search engine optimization techniques to improve their websites’ performances in search engines.  Search engines are software designed to retrieve data based on specified information.  In terms of the World Wide Web, search engines are used to find specific information by searching every website available to the engine.  When a keyword is entered into a search engine, the search engine uses a program called a web crawler.  The “crawler,” or “spider,” is used to methodically search billions of web pages to find the most relevant results.  When the website is crawled by the search engine, web pages that match the keyword issued will be indexed.  The results are then listed by rank based on how helpful they are to the person who entered the search.

In order to improve a website’s ranking with search engines, many webmasters use search optimization techniques.  Search engine optimization is a series of techniques or processes that a webmaster can use to influence the ranking of a website in a search engine’s result page.  A website’s ranking can influence the amount of visitors to the website and increase or decrease revenue.  The most helpful websites are listed on the first page of the search engine result page.  While a search engine may offer 12 pages of results, some users may not click pass the first five pages.  Miami SEO Specialist are familiar with techniques to help webmasters improve their ranking results and to improve their chances of bringing in more web traffic.

When someone enters a specific keyword, both paid and organic search results are returned.  Paid search engine results are often bought by advertisers to ensure their websites have high rankings.  Search engines will often label paid results to differentiate the two.  Organic search engine results are based on the relevance and helpfulness of the website.  Miami SEO Specialist can help webmasters with keyword research and other techniques to optimize their websites.  A website with poorly written content will rank significantly lower than a website with quality information.  The more useful a website is, the higher the ranking will be.


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