Just Exactly What Is A Blog?

by | Aug 20, 2013 | Web Development

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A blog is a form of online writing, it is usually characterized in the way it is organized. The blog can be related to a theme, simply random thoughts of the blog owner or be time sensitive, similar to a diary. Blogs are written online and they require an online software program that creates the environment and provides the blogger with the features most often requested. Many blog applications are open source and are used by many people as they are or the blogger can build his site from scratch using the software code. Many bloggers today are using WordPress®, selecting from the few themes that they have or the dedicated blogger will purchase from a menu of premium WordPress® themes which are available from developers.

Many of the blog applications can be hosted by the blogger’s internet service provider, including weblog and blogware applications. In most cases there are basic models of each of these pieces of software that are free to use, there can be certain add-ons that are fee based. Other versions are only available through a licensing arrangement but they are much more powerful with many added features. Many bloggers are happy with the free hosted versions of WordPress® or Typepad®.

Hosted blog applications are popular because they are free and very simple to set up and get running. This is fine for the casual blogger but it is not an acceptable alternative to professional bloggers who use their blog as an income generator. In cases like this, the blogger will turn to premium themes which are identifying very closely with his blog content.

Generally speaking, there are many plug-ins and add-ons that are available to enhance any of the popular weblog applications. The blogger is free to select from what is available but the serious blogger will shy away from the standard free themes and go for premium WordPress® themes which compliment the goal of the blog perfectly, maintaining a particular feel and look. E-Commerce add-ons are available. The objective of a well organized and well written blog is to draw readers, provide them with something they want and keep them coming back for more. To do this there are many add-ons that can give the user a functional calendar, a means to connect with many of the popular social networking sites and much more.


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