Immediate Benefits To Choosing Magento Custom Designs

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Web Development

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Making the decision to hire a web designer and development team is often a difficult one for a startup ecommerce site. After all, most of the big ecommerce platforms market their sites as do-it-yourself online storefronts, and to a great extent, that is absolutely accurate and correct.

However, what we see, and what our clients experience when doing it themselves, is that there is a limit to how customized, unique and individual a person can make the site. When hiring our team to complete Magento custom designs it provides for full customization as we have the expertise and experience to change code and get just the right effects, looks and features that you want even when it’s not available through the template and add-ons.

Effective Not Trendy

With our Magento custom designs we don’t just focus in on what is trendy right now, rather we look at how to combine a classic look and style that is going to sustain your site into the future.

When people do their own ecommerce design, they are much more likely to choose trendy templates and design features that will be hot today, but not in the following weeks or months. Unless you are prepared to keep revamping your website, going with classic design elements is the most effective, and also provides structure for your customer to have the same positive online experience each time they shop.

Use of Best Practices

Simple issues like choosing which options in inventory management, shopping carts, and even which automated email responses are best are critical considerations to make.

When we complete Magento custom designs we will talk to you about the specifics of how you want the website to function, giving you not only the look you want but the functionality to make your online store easy to manage.

Unique Appearance and Branding

Branding and SEO are important in making your website stand out both for your customers as well as for search engines. When your branding and content keywords, tags, and descriptions are consistent across the site and developed with SEO in mind, it will rank higher in organic search results over time.

Having a unique look, a definite brand, and a well-designed site is all part of having a custom design on this platform. While it’s possible to use the do-it-yourself route, custom designs are the best when the website quality really matters.

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