Ideas For DVD Duplication For Family Events

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Computer & Internet

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If you are hosting a big family event and what to give a gift that will be sure to be appreciated by everyone providing a DVD of memories, images, videos, music and conversations is a great way to go. Using a top quality professional DVD duplication company will allow you to put together a very professional looking full package including everything from the DVD to the packaging.

By using a professional service that offers DVD duplication all you need to worry about is getting them the original. They will use the same equipment used by production companies to create high quality DVDs and packaging that you can fully customize with your own artwork, images and graphics.


A great gift to give children and adults is a DVD of a special birthday or perhaps a collection of birthday moments. If you do make your own video of the party, the cake and all the events of the day you can have a DVD duplication service make as many copies as you need and then send them to others that were at the event.

This is also a great way to show grandparents and family members and friends the highlights of the birthday even if they couldn’t attend.

Weddings and Anniversaries

A wonderful way to remember some of the most important days in life is through a DVD of a wedding or anniversary. With next day service for many top DVD duplication companies your guests can be sent a copy of the wedding ceremony and reception to keep in their collection.

A great thank you gift for people attending anniversaries is a DVD of the couple’s life together. The family can get together and create the DVD, then send it in for DVD duplication and pick-up to have ready for the anniversary celebration.


Graduation from high school, college or university is a big event for most families. Making a video or series of videos about the big day and then creating a DVD is a wonderful way to commemorate the event.

You can use a DVD duplication service to create a unique cover or perhaps have the graduate provide their own artwork to make this a very personal gift.

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