How to Start Social Media Marketing for Businesses in Nairobi

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Web Design

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Many businesses find social media marketing in Nairobi intimidating. Which platform do you choose? What should you post? Here are a few tips for developing your social media presence while marketing your business in Nairobi.

Target Your Customers

A first step in developing a social media presence might be to choose social media platforms that your audience uses. What platform do your customers and clients use most? You may want to focus only on one or two platforms, especially at first. Some platforms can allow you to target your posts to a location or by customer demographics.

Choose Your Style

Your brand should use a consistent style and tone in your posts. Evaluating the way your clients and customers post may be helpful in finding a style that they find appealing. You should share your passion and values with your customers and share what benefits your products and services have that can help improve their lives. If you have an employee or social media manager, you may want to instruct them on the style and tone you wish your business to use.

Create a Plan

It might be easier when engaging in social media marketing in Nairobi to develop a plan before you start using social media for your business. You may want to write down your overall purpose, along with a few goals you would like to achieve with your social media platforms. You may also want to consider including some methods for handling complaints on your page as well as troublemakers and spam.

Choosing Names

When creating your social media accounts, you will need to choose usernames that create a link between your account and your business. You may want to find a name that is short and concise. it doesn’t necessarily have to be the name of your business, but can reflect your industry, your passion, or your values. If your business revolves around you as a single proprietor, you may want to consider using your own name.

Be Consistent

Consistency more than content may be a key to social media marketing. Sticking to a consistent schedule may improve customer awareness of your brand and social media platforms. You may want to schedule the days and times on which you post. It might also be helpful to track the views, clicks, and responses you receive through analytical tools and other platform tools.

Your business is social media platform may help your company improve sales and brand awareness. Ace Solution Africa Ltd. in Nairobi can help you attract customers and keep them in the future.

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