How Companies Nationwide Are Benefiting From IT Asset Management

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Internet Marketing

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Before answering the question of why is IT asset management important, it’s first good to know what IT asset management (ITAM) is. ITAM is the practice of tracking an organization’s IT assets. This includes accounting for the assets, such as doing an inventory of how many there are and where they are, as well as maintaining, deploying, and disposing of those assets that are no longer needed or that have reached the end of their lifecycle.

Part of understanding why is IT asset management important has to do with understanding how ITAM tracks the lifecycle of IT assets. In addition to determining when these assets need to be replaced, ITAM monitors and tracks software, hardware, systems, or information that is owned by an organization. It monitors both software asset management and hardware asset management.

A mature ITAM program gives an organization complete visibility into its IT assets. This allows them to find the most cost-effective use for said assets. At the same time, it allows organizations to track the end of service and end of life of their assets. By doing this, the organization can proactively see potential issues, either from a performance or a contractual standpoint, before they impact the organization’s bottom line. Tracking hardware, for example, gives an organization a clear vision of what it owns and then identifies unused assets that can either be repurposed or disposed of in harmony with its policies.

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