Helpful Tips For Your Mall Kiosk Design

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Uncategorized

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The design of your new mall kiosk will determine how successful you are and how many people want to use your machine. If it isn’t designed properly, people will ignore it. If it isn’t easy to use, people will go elsewhere. Therefore, it’s best if you consider all the elements and which ones will work in harmony with each other to produce the desired results.

Don’t Go Overboard

Mall kiosk design isn’t about being flashy and going crazy. You’d do well to pare down the initial grab and attention-getting designs because they will look unappealing in such a large area and may look out of place. The structure and materials should be simple and help you showcase your products and image in a professional way. However, you can customize it with your logo, company colors, and other features to keep it unique.

The Products

In most cases, you will place your machines in malls to sell more of your goods or sell extras that will give you more revenue. If you only use malls and only use computerized machines, then you will want to consider your products carefully. In most cases, you shouldn’t have items that cost more than $30 or less than $10. Likewise, you should focus on the items that sell the most and things that are popular everywhere and through all age groups.


The key to mall kiosk design is the location in which the machine will be. For example, you don’t want to use bright colors and attractive marketing next a permanent shop that is also decorated colorfully. Your machine won’t be as prominent.

It’s best to try to get your machine next to the bigger retailers that will draw a customer base similar to yours, so you need to do less advertising to get people who already want those item options.

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