Graphic Design – How to Become A Graphic Designer

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Graphic Design

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Any business that has a sales and marketing arm will require the help of a competent graphic designer, working in a reputed graphic design company. In order to get work in a graphic design company, a person must not only have an artistic bent of mind, but should also have a decent skills and knowledge of computer design software, photography, illustration, typography, painting, and art history. While selecting a graphic designer, you must ensure that the selection is right, both for you and for your company.

Requirements for becoming a Graphic Designer

To become a competent graphic designer, an individual should have the ability to develop new ideas. Apart from having a keen sense of composition, type and color, a graphic designer must also understand the demands of the market. The ability to discuss and present ideas to clients, and work under tough budgets and deadlines will help a graphic designer go a long way. It is advisable to take up drawing courses in high school in order to develop knowledge and skills in art. Though you do not need a degree to become a good graphic designer, in fact you may get a job without the help of any degree, just on the strength of your portfolio, but it is preferable to have a degree as most of the reputed graphic design companies prefer to employ designers having a degree.

To work in a reputed graphic design company, you must earn a degree in advertising or fine arts, with emphasis in computer graphics and graphic art. There are numerous art and design colleges that offer these degrees to help you become a competent graphic designer.

How to Proceed to Become a Graphic Designer


To become a graphic designer, you can contact some of the popular art and design colleges of your choice. If required, you can also send a few samples of your work along with the application. Some institutions may call you for an interview; hence, be prepared for it. While in school, you must aim to get an internship in an advertising agency or a graphic design company. It would provide you with valuable career contacts for future, and helps you get a job in a reputed graphic design company. While studying, you must also do some freelancing work in graphic designing. This will enable you to build up a strong portfolio, which you can present before prospective employers after graduation.

Job Openings in Graphic Designing

To learn about the various vacancies for graphics designers’ position, you can search the Internet. Graphic designers are mainly required in the fields of print and advertising. You will find numerous job openings for graphic designers on the Internet. Always keep in mind that the crucial thing which will help you attain success as a graphic designer is your design portfolio. A graphic design company will form an idea regarding your capability after seeing your design portfolio.

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