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by | Mar 16, 2016 | Computer & Internet

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If you want to start a business using a kiosk from Go to Kiosk, it’s simple and easy to get started. We can customize your information kiosk software to do the job of selling your products and services and interacting with your customers.

So, how do you get started? First you call us up at Go to Kiosk or send us an email saying you need some type of kiosk for your company. We can handle all kinds, to include pay stations, interactive touch-screen kiosks, photo booths, and more. We can program our information kiosk software to do what you need by adding buttons, login screens, audio and video clips, graphics, and even your company’s logo can be added.

Go to Kiosk Works with You to Program Your Information Kiosk Software

After we have received your request for a kiosk and discussed your information kiosk software needs, it’s time to make what is called a Mock Up & Design pamphlet for you. That means our engineers put together a mockup of the way your new kiosk will look, and show you the hardware and software.

If you need any changes, this is the time to make them in before the kiosk actually goes into production. Then, when you like what you see, just approve the design and the team will start building your kiosk immediately. We also start developing all the appropriate software for it. Best of all, you can call us to check on your kiosk at any time.

Specifications for Go to Kiosk Hardware and Software

Go to Kiosks can use Chrome, as well as Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers, so they are very versatile to be able to work on many different devices. The screen can be made in multiple sizes, with processor speeds of x86 and x64. We can also make them touch screen compatible.

The kiosks have the ability to use the information kiosk software to command them to play audio and video clips, create promotions, sell your products and services, and even to greet a customer by name. They can also email receipts, print photos or coupons, scan a barcode, take various forms of payment for your products, and more. You can discuss your options with our staff.

The bottom line is that if you are an entrepreneur who needs an interactive way to grow their business and want to be able to place your brand out where the public will see and interact with it, then choose a Go to Kiosk creation programmed specifically for your needs. Visit domain URL to know more.

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