E-Commerce Web Design

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Web Design

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e-commerce web design

e-commerce web design

Designing for an e-commerce website differs remarkably from that of a regular web page. Generally, for creating regular web sites, the designing companies offer a number of text blocks, animations and images. Majority of such sites are structured for providing relevant and necessary information to the users. These types of sites are often used as a mode of online advertisement and offer links to other related or unrelated websites. Thereby, they require a basic setup and design. On the other hand, e-commerce sites serve different functions and require some special focus and tools. Thereby, the first thing you need to know is the various differences between these two types of websites. This will enable you to build the best e-commerce website with your available resources.

It requires some special features:

Generally, the web design elements of a normal website and e-commerce site are similar. However, your e-commerce site will need some special features, such as secure check outs, live help or customer service center, shopping carts, shipping and delivery information, fraud protection, credit card processing and other related elements.

It needs to be designed as a store:

The web designing service provider needs to design your e-commerce site as a store as it offers products for sale. Moreover, the content needs to be persuasive enough to oblige the viewer to purchase your products and services. Moreover, such sites also need to include additional information about the products, a lucrative and well designed gifts section, popular and suggested products and other sections that will help boost your sales and business performance.

Use search function:

Search function is an essential requirement of an e-commerce site. Therefore, ensure that your web design company includes it. This feature helps your visitor to look for their requirements without browsing the entire website. It enables the e-commerce site to serve its customer better and this feature is usually not present in regular web sites.

It includes testimonials page:

Testimonial pages are another essential feature of an e-commerce site. It allows first time visitors to read and know about the previous customer experiences with your site. This will help you to gain their confidence in your products and services in less time.

FAQ page:

FAQ pages are an important feature of an e-commerce web site. Most of your customers would usually have similar queries. Answering them through the FAQ pages would save a lot of time that may have been wasted while responding to individually to numerous e-mails that asked more or less the same questions.

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