Common Types of Laptop Repair in Minneapolis, MN

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Content Management

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Most people use their laptops for everything from socializing to running their business. When a problem occurs with your computer, it can be a very stressful and worrisome situation. Here are some of the most common Laptop Repair in Minneapolis, MN.

Laptop Won’t Power On

If your laptop will not power on at all, it usually means that you will need to take it in for repairs. Having a professional diagnose your problem is the only way to make sure you find out exactly what is wrong with your computer. In some cases, your AC adapter may be bad and not adequately charging your laptop, which is why it will not come on. Another possible cause of this problem is a bad motherboard, which is basically a death sentence for any computer. A motherboard generally costs more to replace than buying a brand new computer, which is why not many motherboards are sold in today’s market.

Blank Screen

Another catastrophic problem that can occur with your laptop is a blank screen, which is usually accompanied by all of the lights on the computer being on. Generally, this type of problem is a result of a memory failure within your computer’s hard drive. In some cases, a professional repair person may be able to reset the memory in the computer in order to get it to come back on. If the reset does not work, then the motherboard is probably bad, in which case you will need to get a new laptop.

Repeated Powering Off and On

If you turn your laptop on, only to have it turn off in a matter of seconds on its own, then you probably need a professional to look at it. In most cases this is a motherboard failure, which requires you to get a new computer. Some repair shops will give you some money for the useable parts in your laptop so you can put that towards the purchase of a new one.

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