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The technology that allows us to trade out analog phone lines for the ability to make voice calls over a broadband internet connection is called Voice over Internet Protocol, often referred to as VoIP. Business VoIP solutions maintain all the great features you expect from a phone line while adding the benefits of being linked to a computer. Continue reading to learn more about this service and how it can be an asset to a business.

Connects to Your Computer

Many business VoIP providers offer options to connect the phones using the VoIP service to a computer. There are several benefits to this. Not only does this allow for the management of the devices from a central location, allowing you to update or set up multiple phones at once instead of one by one, but it allows for greater efficiency for the office as a whole.

Enhances Office Efficiency

Every business knows how important office efficiency is. Business VoIP solutions are one way to help improve efficiency in the phone systems. VoIP phone solutions have improved a number of components that can be a problem area in a call system. These include the ability to transfer calls to park on a physical shared key instead of a busy extension, allowing the next person to know the call is waiting for them. A professional can also set up complex ringing strategies or agent monitoring, along with a number of other useful solutions based on a business’s needs. A representative can also receive their voicemail through a mobile email client if needed.

Record and File Calls

Some hosted VoIP solutions also offer the ability to record calls and save them to the company server. This can be extremely useful for conference calls where a lot of information is covered; service calls where a business needs to keep a record of a client’s problem or questions and the solutions provided, and any other type of call where a lot of information is shared. The ability to record and access a call later means that any information can be referenced at a later time whenever it’s needed.

There are many benefits to business VoIP solutions for any office. From the ability to hook to a computer for easy updates to the efficiency of transferring calls, a VoIP service can help streamline the process. The ability to record calls to be accessed by any staff with internet access may even help with record keeping. With this technology, business has many options not available with an analog phone line. IT Partners+ offers great options for your business’s VoIP needs.

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