Basics of Web Design Services

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Web Design

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In the contemporary age of World Wide Web, many companies are promoting their business through online advertisements. In fact, nearly all of them have their own website to declare their online presence. Moreover, these companies have also realized that just having a website is not sufficient. They need to create a one that is attractive enough compared to its counterparts. Here comes the need of an effective web design company that offers the best deals on web design services. In simple terms, web design services are defined as the representation of content, which is directly associated to a business organization. They use designs and graphics on the Internet, in the form of a web application. A competent web design service company also offers assistance, ideas and advice on various essential factors that help to improve the website’s performance. However, there are certain basic factors that are important for creating an effective website. These include:

Web Design Services

Web Design Services

  • Graphics: Use small graphics and images, since big images often cause slow downloading of pages. Opt for graphics that fit well with your content and do not seem to have been deliberately kept there. Moreover, avoid using images that either move, blink, rotate, changes, or flash on the pages. These types of flashing graphics are often very annoying and distracting to your users.
  • Navigation Bars: Keep them as simple as possible. This is one of the major factors that helps boost traffic to your site. The users often return, if they can easily navigate through your site in the first couple of minutes of contact. It is advisable to place navigation menus either on the left or top of the home page, since most web sites pursue this pattern. As a result, majority of the users are accustomed to look in these places for the menus. You also need to place the main menu at the same place on all the pages. For being more user friendly, include a sitemap if you have a comparatively large site. Moreover, always avoid horizontal scrolling.
  • Layout: Always opt for a simple and straightforward layout. It is an essential factor for building an accessible and user friendly site. Therefore, stick with the standard three column layout, no matter how boring you find them. Moreover, place the most important content and graphics at the fore front and avoid any type of clutter.

Advertisement is one of the most important factors that affect the design of your website. Thereby be highly selective about placing advertisements on your site. Do not overwhelm your page content with ads. Avoid using blinking and flashing ads well as pop-ups.

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