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by | Jun 8, 2010 | Web Design

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In general terms, B2B websites stands for business to business transaction that takes place between two companies, in place of transactions that involve a consumer. It can also be described as a company that offers goods and services from other companies. Primarily, B2B concerns itself with the supply chain management. B2B websites are portals that enable businesses to deal directly with their distributors and suppliers online.

B2B Web Design

B2B Web Design

A B2B website generally deals with other websites, and not the retail consumer. Besides handling sales of products, these portals also conduct business transactions. When it comes to B2B websites, their customers are actually companies. B2B transactions are more difficult as they involve plenty of negotiations over cost, product specifications and delivery. For B2B transactions, proper integration with systems of other company is a must. This is also important for communication. On the other hand, B2B transaction may also require you to set up an account with the company.

Importance of creating a proper B2B website design:

Usually, the sales process of B2B Company takes longer compared to a B2C company. B2B websites also sell big value services or items. Their products and services are specific and specialized as well. Often, B2B websites involves a lasting business relationship, upgrades, modifications and support services. Moreover, B2B purchase needs evaluating numerous factors. They also need much more though, research and analysis prior to making a purchase.

B2B websites offer plenty of information compared to the B2C websites, which is one of their major advantages. They also need presentation of information in a detailed and brief format about the products and services. Good content is a must for the success of B2B website. The content on B2B website is also more technical in nature. A B2B website should essentially offer information that can cater to people with different requirements. A well designed, easy to use interface of B2B website can help in generating more revenue. This is why, a B2B website should always be designed while keeping the usability in mind.

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