B2B Sales Improvement With An Agency Sales Expert

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Marketing and Advertising

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There are many hurdles in the way of growing a B2B sales company. Some hurdles include an incomplete SEO strategy or a less than perfect site. So these companies overcome those hurdles by hiring a website designer or an SEO specialist, and they experience an initial bump in website traffic and interest in their products and services. Bust despite these improvements, actual sales does not increase. There is more traffic to the website, but that is not translating into a better bottom line. Conversion rates on the website are still low, and the bounce rate seems to keep rising, both which are contributing to a lack of movement up the search engine rankings over time.

This is where an agency sales expert can provide the insight, training and support that a B2B company needs. This professional is there to work with sales staff to not just generate leads, but to bring in qualified customers and convert those leads into actual buyers.

Understanding the Importance of Online Reputations

For B2B companies, the transition from in-person to digital sales has been drastic. Face-to-face sales techniques of a few years ago have not translated well to the online world.

In order for B2B sales teams to close business, an agency sales expert will be a crucial element for success. The agency sales expert will teach sales executives how to be a valuable part of the online community. This, in turn, will make the business a go-to resource when specific products or services are needed.

Building a strong online reputation and driving sales involves more than just branding or SEO. It requires a comprehensive and consistent strategy that builds networks of qualified leads.

Closing the Deal

Of course, a vast network of qualified leads and a solid online reputation will mean nothing to sales teams if they are unable to close deals. In order to close the gap and move qualified prospects along the pipeline in the digital world, sales teams need to engage them every step of the way with compelling data, even after the deal is closed.

The agency sales expert will advise the sales team on how to foster ongoing interaction with customers after the purchase. This provides a level of customer support that will set the company apart thus encouraging customer referrals.

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