Adding a Car Wash to Your Service Station: Important Considerations

by | May 11, 2017 | Computer & Internet

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A car wash can be part of a service station. There are many reasons that you may want to add this feature to your site, and they are something that can easily increase your service station’s revenue. You will want to consider what type of car wash you would like to install and how it will be run.

Different Types of Car Washes

There are several different types of car washes that you could install on your property. There are self-serve bays, which just require you to provide the equipment and water. This means there is very little staffing requirements, and the equipment is not very expensive either. You may also want to provide an automatic washing machine. It also does not require many hours from your staff, but the initial investment is going to be higher. Finally, you may be looking to provide a full service wash. This is going to take additional staff members and labor could become expensive. However, this is a top of the line service, and you can charge your customers accordingly. The decision is up to you on what level of service you are looking to provide to your customers.

Operations and Integration

Typically, you are going to be housing this on your current lot. This works well if you have extra space that you would like to use. You will want to find a car wash POS that integrates well with your current system. In some cases, this may be more of an expansion, and you will be looking to have this at a completely different site. This will require a separate front staff and building, it also can complicate your accounting. You are not tied as heavily to your existing system with this scenario. However, for reporting and training purposes there is still benefits to having compatible systems.

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