4 Things Wrong with Your Website Design

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Web Design

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So, you’ve got a website. Somehow, though, you don’t have enough traffic to make a difference in your bottom line. Here’s a list of common mistakes that could be driving your customers away:

Too many elements

A lot of entrepreneurs like the idea of putting their business online. However, few go for simplicity. If you like loading your site up with too many elements—from flash animations that slow down your loading speed to too many colors and sections—that could be one reason why your customers skip the minute they get a load of your page.

Broken links

When customers click on a link, they expect it to work. Putting dead links in your site simply means you haven’t reviewed the pages enough. If customers find themselves in a dead end, instead of going back to your page, they could easily click away to another site.

Poor navigation

Good website design makes it clear for users where they need to go next, say Entrepreneur. If your customers find it hard to navigate through your pages, they might just simply throw their hands in the air and give up, even before you show them the good stuff.

Disregarding your social media sites

The best thing about having social media sites is that they help you drive traffic back to your pages. So make it easy for your customers to do this. Link your site to your social media sites. That way, they can easily get updates on your product launches or events. With access to both, it’s easy to keep your loyal customers in the loop.


Great web design helps your business succeed. By hiring an excellent ecommerce web design company in Dallas, you don’t just improve the way your business works; you get a chance to deliver better service to your customers.

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