3 Questions to Ask an SEO Company Before Signing Anything

by | Jan 11, 2017 | SEO

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Finding an SEO company in Connecticut should be simple. In fact, you should have no problem finding several that look like they can provide you with great results. You can only hire one though, so you need to do your homework on each one and schedule consultations. These meetings are your opportunity to learn about the services each SEO agency has to offer and which one seems to be the best fit for your brand. Here are some essential questions to ask every WordPress developer you meet with.

1. Can You Promise #1 Results?

The entire point of SEO services is to get your company’s website a higher ranking on search engines such as Google. While being the very first ranking would be ideal, that is not always possible, especially depending on what kind of industry you are in. The reason why you want to ask this question is to weed out agencies that are just trying to win your business by making lofty promises. A correct answer will discuss how complicated SEO can be but emphasize the company will do everything possible to give you the best feasible results.

2. Do You Have Experience?

An SEO company in Connecticut can promise anything it wants, but results speak louder than promises. You should ask a consultant about past clients and what kinds of results have been achieved in the past. A reputable company that has been around for a while will be able to provide you with concrete details about how high a company’s ranking on Google got. An SEO agency that is just starting out will not be able to provide you with any firm details, so those organizations tend to be more of a risk.

3. Will You Communicate?

Communication is important to every relationship, including the one between a business owner and an SEO agent. You should ask about what kind of policy the company has about keeping you in the loop. You should always know what is going on with your marketing campaign, including knowing when changes are made to your website design and when you need to spend money for a more aggressive marketing campaign.

It is always preferable to ask too many questions than too few. After all, you do not want to hire someone and then realize there is something you should have asked about after the fact. For an SEO company in Connecticut that will always be happy to answer your inquiries, LionLeaf LLC is available.

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