The Differences Between Social Media Optimization in Nairobi and Search Engine Optimization

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Web Design

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Most people have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before. SEO helps make website friendly to search engines in design and content. The typical goal of SEO is to ensure your website is high up in the search results relevant to your keywords and industry. When done correctly, SEO will make your website appear on the first page instead of the second or third. This, in turn, helps your company become noticed.

However, most people haven’t heard of SMO (Social Media Optimization). SMO generally focuses on how easy it is to share your website and content across many social-networking platforms. While both SEO and SMO in Nairobi are necessary, more and more companies are focusing on SMO, as it is somewhat of a total package that includes SEO, as well.

Ability to Share

Strong blogs and website include a specific widget (or two) that will allow their patrons to share that specific content to their social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. This is very helpful to get the word out on your company, brand, product and information. However, links should also be able to be shared. There are many services available that will shorten a long URL for you, so that you can present them quickly on one line. You may also add links directly into your copy if you prefer. This is considered part of SMO.

Now, SEO should also come into play with your blog and website. The company should be producing quality content with solid headlines to ensure that readers will be enticed to go further. Once the reader has clicked on and read your article or blog, they can share the information to their page where all their followers or friends will also see the information and can read it. This is part of SEO, SMO and also Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Share Others’ Content

Many companies in Nairobi may already be doing social media optimization, along with SEO and SEM, but they may only be focusing on their own content, which isn’t a good idea. Social media is supposed to be shared. If a company only focuses on themselves, it can come across as being anti-social. If other content from another site is relevant to your product or industry, share it, as well. This shows consumers you are trustworthy and believe your product won’t be harmed by showing off other’s information.

Social Media Optimization in Nairobi can be complicated if you are unsure of the terminology. Consider Ace Solution Africa to help with your SMO.

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